Evaluation Question 2

  1. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The groups that you will consider will depend on your film. They may be related to age, gender, social class, ethnicity/ race, special interest etc

Think about how you have represented them through your construction of film language.

How far have you replicated dominant representations. How far have you challenged or subverted those representations


Create a collage of images of typical representations of your group/ characters in other thriller films.

Bring in theories like the Male Gaze. The final Girl, The Femme fatale

Add clips from films that illustrate typical conventions

Chose some screen shots photos of your groups/ characters and annotate to explore your representations.

You can incorporate text into the collage or record your analysis in post-production.


Evaluation Question 1

  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

 Think about… 

  • What are the typical conventions of a thriller opening?
  • Think about style/format/cinematography/narrative/characters/settings/text /titling.
  • Have you used typical conventions?
  • Any specific influences from other films?
  • Have you deliberately broken or subverted the typical conventions?
  • How and why have you done this? Think of specific examples.


 Create a prezi presentation exploring thriller / film opening conventions and comparing with your own work and its conventions.

You can use screen shots from your film to illustrate how you have used developed or challenged typical conventions. Annotate the shots to show your ideas


We shot this through broken glass to give the idea that there was something wrong and sinister with the character.

By shattering the shot of a child we made it chilling and emotive

ev q1

Thriller films often play around with point of view and the idea of looking and watching.

You can embed links to clips also.

Editing Posts

To accompany the editing process of your Thriller, you need to explain how you created the film opening. You can discuss:

  • Changes to your sequence (how you built up the timeline, any changes you made)
  • Any fine editing (Colour correction / speeding up clips / etc.)
  • Effects or Transitions you apply
  • Titles you create
  • Any video and audio editing

You are documenting the process of making the Thriller opening. You need to create a post each time you edited.

Filming Posts

You need to document the filming process.

After each day of filming, make sure you blog the events of the day:

  • What scenes you filmed
  • What YOU did individually during the shoot (directing / camera operator / etc)
  • The successes of the day
  • Problems that occurred and how you overcame any issues
  • Your targets for the next filming day

You need to complete a post for each filming day you attended.