Evaluation Question 6

  1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

    Review the prelim task.

     You need to include the following in your posts and can refer back to the earlier post on your blog where you wrote about the prelim. Make sure your actual prelim film is on the blog


    • What was the brief?
    • Why were you asked to complete the prelim?
    • What did you learn from the task? See below for ideas]
    • How did it help you in the thriller opening work?


    Think about what you learned about:

    • Rules of continuity what are they? 180 degree rule eyeline match, match on action etc
    • genre/ narrative
    • generating and developing ideas – the creative process
    • importance of effective planning – casting, locations, establishing mise en scene,
    • filming techniques
    • editing with final cut
    • effective group work/ organization
    • getting and taking advice
    • time
    • how difficult it is to make 2 minutes of film!


    What would you do differently/ next time?

    How can you show this on your blog?  Some ideas…


    1. A group short video of advice to next year’s yr 12. Prepare a section each or a few sections in pairs. Film and edit together quickly. Give sensible advice closely linked to your experience – but make it fun. Could end with top tips!

    Keep it short and snappy!


    1. A photostory made out of all your production stills from prelim to film opening which shows the story of your progress and understandings


    1. Similar to above but as a slideshare presentation with top tips at the end.




    1. A video post with your group discussing aspects of the prelim – what you did and what you learned – intercut with bits of the prelim


    Or any other great idea      .How about a spoof of the prelim or a pretend interview with you as Hitchcock?