Evaluation Question 5

    1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


    You need to show two things

    • The potential of digital technology for creativity and communication


    • The skills you have developed in using technologies


    Think about all of the advantages and disadvantages that digital technologies have brought in terms of  the power to create and communicate/ to make and distribute media products. You will do some work on this as a class. Make notes to use in your blog entry.


     For this entry we should try to use the most interesting technology to deliver the post.

    It could be

    • Filmed interviews
    • A short making of… could be done in a spoof style
    • Think how you could create the information for this post and them communicate / pass it on through different sources email. Text, tweet, facebook, photos, instagram etc
    • You could create little animation in i-movie


     You could have some of the information delivered via an small avatar


    Pair up in your groups and interview each other on the skills and technologies you have used and developed using flip cameras. Refer to specific things that you did ie shots you filmed/ bits you edited. Show each other using the technology if possible!