Evaluation Question 3

What media Institution might distribute your Products and Why?

 For this blog entry you need to set your film in an institutional context. You need to think of it as a real complete film.

Is it a Hollywood mainstream film or a low budget British film? Or is it both?

Production Company: What production company made your film? Did you invent your own and put it ion the credits? What sort of company is it?

UK? What scale of company? What sort of company is it like?

Working Title
Bedlam Productions
Big Talk Productions
Blueprint Pictures
DNA Films

Finance- how were the films financed?

Distribution Companies:

What is the role of a film distribution company?
What distribution companies could have distributed your film and why? For example, are there any films that are similar to your film- how was it distributed?

Look on this site: http://www.launchingfilms.com/links/

What distribution plan would your film follow? ( when and where would it be released- country etc)

Marketing Ideas: How would your film be marketed if you released it formally? Would it follow any existing marketing campaigns that have been used for other films?

Exhibition: What cinemas would your film be exhibited, if it were formally released? Do these cinemas fit in with the demo and psychographics of your audience?

Think of some similar films to your own and research how they were distributed/produced/ financed- THEN apply it to your own film as if it were going to be formally made.


How can you show this all on the blog in an interesting way?

 Give some info on the above and then…

  • Make a mock up of a film poster with the film companies on and annotate it
  • Create a video/ magazine mock interview with the producer explaining where the finance came from and what it was like working with…
  • Create a marketing plan for your film [ remember what you learned in the film industry unit about this ad what is involved in such a plan