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You need to photograph your storyboard and upload it to your blog


Audience Feedback

Include the feedback from class members (photos of each) and how you are going to use the feedback (i.e. what useful suggestion did someone make and how will it change your ideas.

You need to write an outline of your final idea.

Thriller Opening Initial Ideas

Discuss your planning and 3 initial ideas. Include any images of your plans, mind maps, etc.

Include a brief summary of each idea (You can use the initial idea sheet from the lesson)

You should also comment on the constraints you have and how they have affected your ideas.

Audience Research BBFC

Image result for bbfc

Write up your research on the BBFC. Include the information you found out and also a summary of theĀ age guidelines.

Then answer the following:

  • What are the most important demographic factors in defing film audiences?
  • Why is it important to be able to target a specific film audience?
  • Who defines the audience for any film? When?
  • How are film audiences targeted/ reached?
  • How can the audience be tracked and monitored?


Write a post describing the activity and work you completed with Mr Guest on Film Titles.

Discuss the use of Fonts, Genre, Colour, etc. and importance of Titles.

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Film Openings Analysis

Analyse the openings of two Thrillers. You can use one we watched in class but the other you must fins and analyse yourself.

Make sure you look analyse:


Use evidence from the clip and discuss the effects on the audience. You need at least two points for each element.

Image result for gone girlImage result for looper