Thriller Research

Thriller Genre Research

You need to create a series of blog posts to cover the following information. You may wish to use other presentational devices and add to the blog e.g .prezi, power-point etc.

Include the following:

  • Definitions of the thriller genre- find a few and come up with a good synthesis
  • Historical overview – what are the main developments in the genre over time?
  • Sub-genres- make a list and then explore 2 or 3 in more detail
  • What is the difference between thriller and horror?
  • Key films
  • Key stars
  • Key directors
  • Typical conventions of thrillers [ storyline, narrative structure, themes, characters, settings/locations, props
  • Case study of one film showing how it fits into the genre

Possible sources:

Key advice

  • This is a key part of your research evidence and should be as detailed and interesting as possible
  • You need to use effective research skills – you cannot just cut and paste. You must use a range of sources, make notes and summarise information in your words. Give links to all sources used.
  • You need to start watching thriller films now – a good range