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Thriller Research

Thriller Genre Research

You need to create a series of blog posts to cover the following information. You may wish to use other presentational devices and add to the blog e.g .prezi, power-point etc.

Include the following:

  • Definitions of the thriller genre- find a few and come up with a good synthesis
  • Historical overview – what are the main developments in the genre over time?
  • Sub-genres- make a list and then explore 2 or 3 in more detail
  • What is the difference between thriller and horror?
  • Key films
  • Key stars
  • Key directors
  • Typical conventions of thrillers [ storyline, narrative structure, themes, characters, settings/locations, props
  • Case study of one film showing how it fits into the genre

Possible sources:

Key advice

  • This is a key part of your research evidence and should be as detailed and interesting as possible
  • You need to use effective research skills – you cannot just cut and paste. You must use a range of sources, make notes and summarise information in your words. Give links to all sources used.
  • You need to start watching thriller films now – a good range



Alfred Hitchcock

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TASK: Create a blog post showcasing all you have learned from Hitchcock about creating suspense.

  • The art of the cinema
  • The audience
  • emotion
  • Size of image
  • Visual cinema and he role of dialogue
  • Point of view/ the subjective
  • Simplicity
  • Characters, the villain
  • understatement
  • Giving the audience information – the bomb theory
  • The Maguffin – content versus style


Watch the three part documentary


Image result for fear

What scares you?

Your fears/scariest memories/ films

Have your films changes as you have got older?

Quotes about fear – discussed

Why we like to be scared?

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Preliminary Exercise

What was your brief? What planning did you do? How well did you plan? How was the filming process? Did the rules of continuity become a factor during the filming? What about the editing? How well do you feel your team worked? Evaluate your product – strengths and weaknesses (in relation to the rules of continuity). What did you learn? [Upload the work]

Rules of Continuity

What is continuity editing? What are the main rules of continuity editing. Explain each rule adding images and links to videos that help explain. Finish by saying why it is important that you understand and follow these rules while filming.

Foley and Garageband Task

What was your brief for each task? What challenges did you face (creating audio, technology, etc.)? How did you create the Garageband sequence? Evaluate your final product – what were the strengths and weaknesses?   What did you learn? [Upload the work]

Title Sequence Task

What was your brief? What ideas did you have?  What planning did you undertake? How did you create the sequence? Evaluate your final product – what were the strengths and weaknesses?   What did you learn? [Upload the work]